Sunday, September 02, 2018

Labor Day Rosé

The SPARK Social SF food truck complex in the new Mission Bay neighborhod has expanded to a stretch of undeveloped property across Fourth Street.

It includes teepee roofed party spaces groups can reserve...

...while playing at the adjoining, newly created Stagecoach Greens miniature golf course.

The theme of the 18-hole course is San Francisco's Boom & Bust history, and it provides many opportunities for staged selfies.

My spouse turned out to be a goofy golf shark, and beat me by four strokes.

We walked across Fourth Street for food and a pitcher of beer, and stumbled across a special event, the SPARK Social SF Rosé Soirée, which featured a bottomless rosé picnic all afternoon.

The large field used for sports events had been transformed into a picnic spot...

...complete with DJ.

The majority of rosé drinkers were female, some looking quite glamorous...

...which made for long lines at the women's fancy port-a-potty.

I am proud to report that the goofy golf shark took it upon himself to usher women into the men's stalls when they were empty because he was raised in a household of sisters and it only seemed fair.

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Rachel said...

Looks like fun! Lets go mini golf soon.