Tuesday, January 26, 2021

MLK Ferry to Oakland

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was freakishly climate change warm last week, so I went to the shoreline at the Ferry Building. To my surprise, the Oakland/Alameda Ferry was running on a weekday work schedule rather than the holiday/weekend one. The ferry service has not been operating on weekends since the pandemic began.
Even though I was in shorts and a T-shirt without any layers, I impulsively jumped on for a round-trip boat ride through the Port of Oakland, Alameda, and Jack London Square before heading back to San Francisco.
It was an excellent boat ride in all respects.
Past the cranes at the western tip of the port, there is a park at water's edge which I had never noticed before. It's called Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, and you can drive down Seventh Street in Oakland to hang out there and watch the bay from the vantage point of a commercial port. Will report back once we've checked it out.

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Birds and Carts at Oyster Point

On an overcast Sunday, we hiked the shoreline path at Oyster Point Marina...
...and sat down for a picnic in front of a group of feeding Canadian geese...
...who left us alone, unlike a few demanding seagulls who were insistent we share our sandwiches with them (we did not).
The southern section of this trail ends near the San Francisco Airport and a Costco, with the extreme low tide revealing dozens of shopping carts rotting away in the muck.
It looked like a visual metaphor for what we are soon to discover about the looting and destruction at the White House by the Orange Mussolini and his accomplices.
But let us not dwell on our collective PTSD and instead focus on the beautiful sense of relief that we have escaped full-blown fascism in this country by a feather.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Christian Thugs at the Civic Center Garage

On Sunday afternoon, a Christian evangelical group held a maskless, in-your-face service in front of the elevators to the underground Civic Center Garage.
This particular group looked familiar from a similarly agressive, obnoxious incident last November at the Hayes Open Streets. In both cases, young men were testifying over an amplified speaker about the sins of homosexuality and transgender children, an odd obsession for a group in their teens and early 20s. Last November, I got in their faces and demanded they put on masks or leave. One of them grabbed at my mask while yelling, "That thing is killing you, man! Just take it off!"
This insanity has been empowered for the last four years by the evil ones in Washington, D.C., and it's time to put a stop to it. If they want to convene among themselves, spew hate speech, and pass around COVID-19, go for it, but they do not have the right to plop themselves into a literal public square and endanger others. Get to work, SF Rec & Park Police. It's time they had their asses arrested.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Ocean Beach Animal Life

We visited Ocean Beach again last Saturday, and it was another freakishly beautiful Global Warming afternoon.
The onset of low tide was again graced by birds in a feeding frenzy...
...while darting forwards and back from the receding and surging ocean.
There were plenty of surfers in wetsuits venturing further out...
...along with amateur crab fishermen in clothing trying to snag some Dungeness, newly in season.
Though the water was about 53 degrees Fahrenheit, there were a few intrepid souls braving the elements without protection...
...including the young woman above who appeared to be naked but was wearing a tiny thong.
The older woman above started yelling at me, "Did you ask HER if you could take her photo?" I don't take kindly to the policing of my photography ethics, so I yelled back, "Mind your own business, and put your fucking dog on a leash because he's bothering people and birds." It was very stupid, but people's nerves are shot after the Capitol insurrection, and it probably did us both good to yell at each other.