Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Vault Fire

Last Wednesday evening, electric power in our neighborhood started flickering in an eerie manner, from indoor digital clocks to outdoor traffic lights.
Finally, the power in our building went out altogether, which was followed by an explosion that sounded like a bomb.
Neighbors poured onto the sidewalk at the corner of McAllister and Franklin, looking at black smoke coming out of a manhole in the middle of Van Ness and McAllister.
The Police and Fire Department personnel were unhelpful when it came to offering information, and the only mention I could find of the event was the above Twitter post from the SFPD mentioning there was a Vault Fire at the intersection, meaning underground PG&E equipment was blowing up and catching on fire again.
We went to sleep with the power still out, praying that PG&E infrastructure would not lead to our demise.

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