Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Small Business Week 1: Money

Monday evening in San Francisco's City Hall was the site of a party celebrating "Small Business Week," with the logo "I am small business." being projected everywhere.

A new "Small Business Assistance Center" had opened their doors in Room 110 in City Hall earlier in the day to supposedly streamline the thickets of regulatory agencies that small businesses have to navigate.

Regina (above), who used to be an aide in Supervisor Mirkarimi's office, is newly installed at the agency which is a good sign since she has always struck me as one of the more competent people working in City Hall.

There were troubling signs, however, that the entire event was a bit of a scam since most of the major sponsors were anything but small businesses.

In fact, Wells Fargo Bank logos and signage were plastered everywhere they could think of...

...and creepy Wells Fargo executives like the gentleman above were prowling around everywhere.

This is not to mention that other famous "small" business, Pacific Gas & Electric, which has been gouging all of us on behalf of old wealth for over 150 years.

Still, there were a few people who seemed to be doing some actual business education and networking, so maybe the event was worthwhile in that respect.

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