Monday, May 05, 2008

Cannabis Awareness Day

A worldwide movement to decriminalize marijuana started in 1999 with an annual protest which goes by the name of the "Global Marijuana March" (click here for a Wikipedia article).

San Francisco did its part with a "Cannabis Awareness Day" in Civic Center Plaza that seemed to be equal parts strident speeches and free music.

It seems bizarre that marijuana, which is such a benign drug in comparison to so many others like alcohol, Prozac, or methedrine, is still being treated like The Demon Weed.

The fact that the naturally appearing drug also helps alleviate an amazing array of medical symptoms just makes its worldwide prohibition even more absurd.

I figured that by this time in history, there would be overpriced Microbrew and Micro-Pot-Farm Festivals at Fort Mason, where connoisseurs could mix and match while showing off their refined taste buds.

Instead, the crowd was not only a bit scruffy, but they didn't seem to have much respect for the newly installed Manolo Valdes sculptures, one of which had been desecrated with a Carole Migden for State Senator sticker. Now that's a crime.


Beacongal said...

Wow, you really get around, sfmike! Palm Springs one week and SF the next. These photos are fantastic. I like the way you've interspersed them with the text. I also like the fact that although you've got a point of view that your site is accessible to "outsiders." I really feel as if I've broadened my horizons by stopping by your blog!

Nancy Ewart said...

I took some photos of Manolo's work and posted them - with a link to this post - in my blog.

3rd Lawrence said...

What a day that was. Can't wait for this year's version. I moved into San Francisco at Market and 8th about 2 years ago and I cannot believe all the shit I can get into by living here. "Cannabis Awareness Day"? Are you f'ing kidding me! What a town. :)