Monday, May 26, 2008

Public Prowler

A wild new sculpture has suddenly appeared on the Hayes Valley Green.

The mosaic-like steel structure looks as if it's going to eat an occasional passerby for lunch.

There doesn't seem to be any placard telling who the artist might be.

Though I'd assume the sculpture is sponsored by the Black Rock Arts Organization and/or the San Francisco Art Commission, that is also a mystery, which is part of the fun. The prowler just magically appeared.

Update: The sponsor is the local Hayes Valley Art Coalition, and the sculptor is Michael Christian who also created "Flock" (above) which was displayed in Civic Center Plaza in the winter of 2005-06. The new sculpture is called "Koilos," and first appeared at 2007's edition of Burning Man.


namastenancy said...

That's wild. Do you suppose that it's (he?) is going to make a run over to the Civic Center and jump on one of Manolo Valdez's cowgirls?

Matty Boy said...

That's a monstery monster, all right. Just enough human and just enough not.

If you find out the artist, let us know.

janinsanfran said...

Hey, that's wonderful. Hope it's still there when I get home, if I ever do...

momo said...

Yikes! All the tourists will pose with their heads in its mouth.