Monday, May 19, 2008

Bay to Breakers 1: Merchandising

A registration "expo" was held on Saturday at Bill Graham Auditorium in anticipation of Sunday's annual Bay to Breakers footrace.

The hall was filled with an eccentric selection of goods for sale, most of it only nominally having anything to do with running.

There was everything from Mini cars... the perfectly appropriate Naked Juice (see posting below) hawking their wares.

For those who had actually plunked down their money to be an officially registered racer...

...there was a long line to receive one's Official T-shirt.

Interestingly enough, now that the Examiner newspaper is no longer sponsoring the race, this may be one public event that is getting less corporate as the years go on. In fact, most of the participants the next day didn't even seem to be bothering with registering as you will see.

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namastenancy said...

Maybe there should be a way to make them pay for the clean up - I read in the paper that there were 30 tons of garbage left along the route. These Bay to Breakers Babes might be beautiful but I go with my grandmother's old adage. Beauty is as beauty does and no true beauty is a litterbug - sober or drunk.