Sunday, May 25, 2008

Death of An Angel

On the way to getting a haircut at "Male Image" Saturday morning...

...we were nearly run over by a huge funeral procession...

...that included quite a few members of the infamous Hells Angels motorcycle gang.

There were traffic spotters planting their cars in the middle of intersections and staring people down with their prison tattoos which led to an unintentionally funny scene.

A pair of young women with rolled-up mats from their yoga session in one arm and cell phones in their other were crossing the street while frustrated cars just about mowed them down. They didn't seem to care as they continued blithely chatting away on their phones, "Wow, there's a Hells Angels funeral on Market Street. You should see it."

The crowd didn't appear to be in a very good mood, and according to an article on SF Gate, things got genuinely ugly later in Marin County (click here) with a dead Hells Angels member being deposited at a California Highway Patrol parking lot Saturday evening.

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