Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rich White Liberals Murdering Black People in San Francisco

Do you have to pour gasoline over yourself prior to self-immolation to get people's attention that There Is Something Very Wrong? Or publish outrageous headlines like the one above?

In Roland Shepherd's case above, it was creating one of the most shocking pieces of theatre I've seen on live television in my life (to see the entire YouTube video, please go to SFWillie's blog by clicking here, but be ready to be seriously disturbed). There was a Land Use Committee meeting of the San Francisco Board of Supervisors on Monday afternoon that included a non-binding hearing about the outrageous health problems the Bayview/Hunter's Point neighborhoods are experiencing thanks to the slash-and-burn redevelopment by the Lennar Corporation of "Parcel A," a huge chunk of former U.S. Naval yards that are riddled with asbestos.

The Lennar Corporation's California operations are headed by Speaker Nancy Pelosi's nephew and the corporation is fixed into the local ruling superstructure of the Bay Area in ways that are almost impossible to fight. The first hour of the hearing was dominated by Department of Public Health head Mitchell Katz's "mendacious" set of statistics, followed by the uber-flack Sam Singer saying that everything was okay.

Following the two official liars, a huge outpouring of Bayview/Hunter's Point community members pleaded with the committee to do something, anything, so that they and their children would stop being sick and beset by outrageous nosebleeds, asthma, respiratory problems of all sorts, not to mention every cancer known to man. Mr. Shepherd, pictured, started off by saying he couldn't believe the "mendacity" he was forced to listen to for the first couple of hours of the hearing, since he used to be a building/health inspector himself, and he knew quite intimately that "no level of asbestos is safe, period."

"It leads directly to cancer which is something I know about," and at that point he pulled out his prosthetic nose and shocked the hell out of everyone watching.

Mr. Shepherd replaced his nose and the hearing ended with despicably inane platitudes from Supervisors Sandoval, McGoldrick, and worst of all Sophie Maxwell. The only one looking at all decent, as usual, was the supposedly evil Chris Daly. Lennar Corporation is too connected with the power elite in this city to really be stopped, though everyone involved is frankly guilty of murder.


janinsanfran said...

Wow! I think I've met that guy. The Bayview folks are FINALLY forcing themselves on the radar of the city -- just before they get forced out I fear.

We've still got the numbers in this city, but the Willie Brown era seems to have decimated any leadership.

whabbear said...

Michael, you can really sniff out the local news! I am officially hooked on your blog!