Monday, July 30, 2007

California Journey

After a few steady weeks of looking out at grey skies....

...over grey parking lots in San Francisco...

...we journeyed south to the Central California Coast overnight to see my father while the rest of my extended family was away at an aunt's funeral.

Dad has been struggling quite stoically with Parkinsons Disease for a good decade, which is made tougher since he was one of the physically strongest persons I've ever met while working most of his life in construction.

The disease is starting to rob him of speech and mobility and all his physical powers which must be personally dreadful but he's reacting to it all like a buddha, staring death in the face with perfect equanimity.

We continued on to Palm Springs the next day where it is empty, beautiful and hot, and said a prayer.


AlbGlinka said...

Beautiful entry, sorry to read about your Dad but I'm glad he is finding some peace in his situation. --Grove

Del4yo said...

A beautiful post.

A great prayer to the beauty of life.