Friday, July 27, 2007

Anarchist Etiquette

On a scuzzy section of Market Street near 7th, directly under the Renoir Hotel, a new nightclub has recently opened.

Besides its amusing name, "Etiquette," there is also a bit of philosophical signage on the facade advising us that {Love will solve all your problems [upside down] Love will only let you down.}

Being that the club is ordinarily for young hipsters who stay up late, it seemed doubtful whether I'd ever see the inside of the place.

However, I was invited to an early evening party on Thursday celebrating the young political aide Julian Davis getting a new job.

He's been hired as the Executive Director of a new outfit called the Tenderloin Economic Development Project that's being bankrolled by a number of rich people's foundations.

The approximately 50 or so people who showed up turned out to be a who's-who of local leftists...

...and in a bit of serendipity...

...everyone seemed totally amused at running into one another and the fact that we were celebrating Julian's good fortune.

There were even appearances by minor celebrities like Bay Guardian publisher Bruce Brugmann (above) and California Assemblyman Mark Leno.

The next day h. brown's Burrito Salon was a riotous affair, with people shouting over each other while slobbering over the delicious burritos and Mexican beer.

The minor celebrity quotient was even higher at the salon, with two declared mayoral candidates present, including Josh Wolf above...

...and a first-time appearance by Channel 7 investigative reporter Dan Noyes, seen above talking to Luke Thomas of the Fog City Journal (click here).

I was just about to have a chat with Dan Noyes about Beth Spotswood and the late Pete Wilson and so on, but a crazy female friend of h. brown stormed in (NOT the lovely woman above) and started screaming at him before throwing all her belongings on the floor, and I figured it was probably good Anarchist Etiquette to just leave. I'm off to Southern California for a week, so you can expect a dose of summer on "Civic Center" any day now.

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