Friday, July 12, 2013

JewelryMart Shooting Scene

During a walk from lunch in Potrero Hill to Civic Center this afternoon, we passed by a policeman slowly and deliberately taking a Tactical Squad truck out of a garage, and then speeding off towards Market Street in a blaze of lights and sirens. He was followed minutes later by a huge contingent of motorcycle policemen tearing down Kansas Street.

A pair of news helicopters alerted us that something was seriously wrong in the neighborhood.

At a Design Center building on Henry Adams, across from Zynga headquarters at 8th and Townsend, a young man told us that some people had been shot and killed at the JewelryMart a block away at 8th and Brannan, and that there was a shooter supposedly still at large in the neighborhood. "I went over to 8th Street to pick up my burrito for lunch and cops threw me down to the sidewalk. Never did get my burrito."

At 9th and Brannan, the vehicle with a siren above driven by a fire department official was tearing down the street around 3:10 PM, endangering pedestrians everywhere. Shelter in place, everyone.


Nancy Ewart said...

I heard the ruckus when I was coming home and hurried to get to the relative safety of my place. I figured it was something big-or at least, big and bad enough to make the SFPD pay attention.

Nancy Ewart said...

Addendum - 2 people killed, one injured and the helicopters overhead are buzzing the neighborhood.

Hattie said...

Life in occupied America.