Thursday, July 25, 2013

El Gran Dia de Clamor a Dios 2013

The annual visitation of a Spanish language Christian fundamentalist group in front of San Francisco City Hall took place Saturday afternoon the 20th.

They call themselves El gran dia de clamor a Dios, which loosely translates as The Great Day of Noisy Praise for God. The group is linked to a pentecostal minister in Puerto Rico whose particular bugaboos are abortion, gay marriage and euthanasia.

There was a rocking Christian band onstage singing Spanish anthems whose lyrics everyone in the small crowd seemed to know by heart.

One of the ministers was exhorting people to come to the front of the stage and donate veinte dolares ($20).

Like many religious organizations, the group was aggressively peddling its message to young people...

...who on the surface looked less screwed up than their white teenage Christian fundamentalist counterparts.

There seemed to be an increase this year in the number of scary looking security guys defending the perimeter...

...but the security guy above was having such a good time throwing his considerable weight around while dancing on the sidewalk that the effect was more amusing than threatening.

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