Friday, July 05, 2013

Civic Center Mystery Muni Shuttle Bus

A mystery Muni bus suddenly appeared on the Fourth of July at a makeshift stop on the seedy corner of Grove and Market, directly across the street from the Main Branch Public Library.

The shuttle buses are running every ten minutes during the entire four-day Fourth of July weekend. They travel up Van Ness Avenue to Bay and Fillmore in the Marina, from 11AM to 7PM. The return shuttles drive to the Civic Center via Polk Street.

Seemingly nobody knows about this mystery bus yet, so the shuttle drivers have been using their vehicles for the public good, improving the spotty Muni service on Van Ness and Polk Streets.

The shuttles are presumably to transport the expected hordes of tourists in San Francisco who are here to watch America's Cup activities. The only problem is that those free-spending mobs of yachting fans have yet to materialize in any serious number, as was noticeable yesterday at the America's Cup Pavilion Opening Ceremonies on Piers 27 and 29.

There is another post to come, with plenty of photos, about the opening ceremonies. In the meantime, if you happen to be traveling on the newly reopened BART this weekend, you can get off at Civic Center, take an empty Muni bus to the Marina Green, and not wait more than ten minutes. That's cause for celebration right there.


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