Monday, November 05, 2012

Late Voting Guide

The lines for early voting at San Francisco City Hall have been increasing every day, so I decided to wait for the Actual Day of Voting on Tuesday at the local firehouse polling station. I worked as an elections inspector at the fire station a couple of times, and found the sullen suburbanite firefighters' attitude towards the pollworkers appalling. We were camped out for sixteen hours in a garage filled with their monster SUVs and no heat, and they acted as if we were intruding on holy territory.

But let us be positive and vote to make the world a slightly better place, or at least try. California Propositions: Yes on 30, Jerry Brown actually knows how California government is financed and maybe he will bring some improvement to the recurring mess. No on 32, which is essentially Screw the Unions, and Up with Corporate Personhood. No on 33, the Auto Insurance bait-and-switch. Yes on 34, getting rid of the death penalty, which should be a no brainer but is not. No on 35, a badly written Sexual Trafficking measure that would further criminalize anyone involved with sex for money. Yes on 36, the three strikes modification since our prisons are full enough. Don't Care about Prop 37, Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods, that genie is already out of the bottle and we're in mutate or die time. No on 38, the Wrap Ourselves in Education Money measure. 39 I don't even begin to understand, and Yes on 40 which is actually a double negative vote that means to hell with Republicans trying to throw a wrench into the results of recent redistricting.

San Francisco City Propositions: I'm voting against just about everything this year because I'm in that mood. City College has been run as a cuckoo land empire, growing almost as cancerously as the Academy of Art, although it's been virtually free to attend unlike the latter clip joint. No on A. No on B, since Phil Ginsburg and Sarah Ballard and a whole crew of local, entitled crooks treat the Rec & Park Department like their private slush fund, so don't encourage them. No on C, the Affordable Housing measure, since it's coming from Mayor Lee's office which is about as corrupt as anything I have seen in this town in some time. I'm clueless about D, Consolidating Elections and E, which is changing the Payroll Tax to a Gross Receipts Tax. They are both probably extremely important, but nobody has explained either one very well. Yes on F, love my Hetch Hetchy tap water, but let's get real, damming another Yosemite Valley was a grotesque act that needs to be healed eventually. Yes on G, a feel-good measure advising the world that San Francisco believes People are Persons, and Corporations are Not!

I have recently been gerrymandered from District 6 which is represented by poverty pimp Randy Shaw's puppet, Jane Kim, and am now voting in District 5 which is a huge mess this year. I cannot vote for London Breed because she was once a "protege" of Godfather of Evil, Willie Brown, Jr. I can't vote for Christine Olague because she was one of the founders of "Run, Ed, Run," the phony grassroots group that helped usher in the disaster that is Mayor Ed Lee. The only person running I actually know personally is Hope Johnson, above, who is smart, informed and has her heart in the right place. She's my first choice and second/third are for Thea Selby and John Rizzo. See you at the election parties.

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