Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Art with Words

The Words as ART with Words exhibit at the Asian Art Museum just suddenly appeared a couple of weeks ago without any warning or publicity. It's not even mentioned on the museum's Exhibitions website page.

This seems to be part of the institution's attempt to jazz up their permanent collection galleries, such as they did with the recent Phantoms of Asia exhibit about religious cosmology. This time it feels better focused, and the "Art with Words" extends from illustrated Indian manuscripts to an intricately illuminated 1882 Koran from Iran.

In the Korean wing, there are a few beautiful examples of calligraphy on scrolls and screens, such as Personal observations of a scholar official by Gwon Dongsu from the late 19th century.

As usual, the Japanese win all the design prizes, with the 1593 book Shukaso (Gleanings from the Mist) above...

...and Calligraphy of waka poetry on cards by Hon'ami Koetsu from the early 17th century above and below.

Even their modern takes on calligraphy are great, such as Inoue Yuichi's Wolf below.

Free Sunday admission at the Asian is this week, and you should consider taking the museum up on their offer.

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nancy namaste said...

Yuichi's piece is my favorite of the show although there is a work by Takai Seiu that is right up there in strength and power. I am glad to see that you rethought your position on Asian Calligraphy.