Saturday, November 03, 2012

A Giants Halloween Office Party

Early morning this Wednesday in the Civic Center was surreal, with large packs of suburban families looking for parking at 6AM so they could see the Giants World Series Parade that wound its way from the Ferry Building to City Hall at noon.

To make matters stranger, the insurance company where I have been working for the last two months was throwing its annual, lavish Halloween party... wandering the halls featured sights like the Star Wars character above typing away at their computer.

Some people went to Market Street to cheer on their heroes, while others watched the parade on conference room screens.

There was a company lunch where zombies were munching on Thai food, and during the parties afterward, lights were turned off for a Day of the Dead altar to glow.

This made for extra difficulties in creating health benefits guides on rush deadlines, but I am nothing if not a trouper.

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