Monday, October 29, 2012

World Series Game 4 in Civic Center

San Francisco Rec & Park put up a large screen in front of City Hall Sunday afternoon for the fourth game of the World Series matchup between the SF Giants and the Detroit Tigers.

By 5:30, the central dirt seating area was jammed, and the fog and wind were whipping through the plaza.

Most of the crowd seemed pretty cheerful and mellow, but there were drunk punks on the outskirts who looked like they were ready to create mayhem at a moment's notice, and for some reason there was very little police presence. Maybe they hadn't been offered overtime.

So we walked a block back home, got under the covers, and watched the Giants on TV win the World Series in a four-game sweep, with the fabulous Marco Scutaro hitting the 10th inning go-ahead RBI. It still feels a bit unreal.

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momo said...

I watched all four games: it was thrilling baseball!