Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Alicia Choi Makes Music

Last Thursday, the San Francisco Conservatory of Music presented a Chamber Music Masters concert with cellist Bonnie Hampton (above, second from the right) who actually started the chamber music studies program at the school decades ago.

The programming (Riegger, Dvorak and Schumann) and Ms. Hampton's playing turned out to be unexpectedly dull, especially since most of the previous Conservatory Chamber Music Masters concerts have been so extraordinary. There was a major bit of excitement, however, and it was the playing of student violinist Alicia Choi above left in the First Dvorak Piano Quartet.

She was so good that she completely overpowered the quartet with her superior playing, including the fine violist Kristin Zimmerman above right, and the the Chamber Music Master Bonnie Hampton herself. If you get a chance to hear Ms. Choi perform at the Conservatory over the next year, jump at the chance. She's very special.

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