Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Dew Tour Lands in Civic Center

For the last eight days, Civic Center Plaza has been the construction site for a huge event scheduled for next weekend.

It turns out to be the San Francisco debut of the eight-year-old Mountain Dew tour for professional skateboarders and street bikers, surrounded by huge tents and pavilions selling and giving away sponsor swag (click here for the website).

A construction foreman came by and told me I was not allowed to take photographs, and I explained about the Civic Center blog, and reminded him that the plaza setting was about as public as it gets.

"The workers don't like being photographed," he told me. "Well, that's too bad," I replied. "They are working in a park where there is currently a huge controversy over the private sector taking over public space." This seemed to scare him, and off he went with his walkie-talkie.

In truth, the arrival of the skateboarders and bikers next week is more than welcome, and the event is free to the public, Thursday and Friday 2-7 PM and all-day Saturday from 10-7. On Sunday, they are even going to move the show to Harrison Street between Fremont and Spear for street biking on the street.

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