Friday, October 12, 2012

A Wild Weekend 4: Castro Street Fair

In a small miracle, the usually claustrophobic Castro Street Fair was uncrowded this year, thanks to all the many scheduled events in San Francisco last weekend which siphoned off the hordes.

We found a perfect location at the junction of Market, Castro and 17th and indulged in major people watching with the Curry Girl above, a very funny, seemingly overeducated Indian (or Pakistani) lesbian and her posse of friends.

Instead of drinking expensive beers at the fair, they were discreetly buying twelve-packs at the liquor store across the street, and pouring them into plastic cups, a surreptitious practice we joined.

For three straight hours, we leaned against a concrete planter and watched the world pass by.

There were plenty of young people...

...old people...

...drag queens...

...and even a blind guy in the middle of the sidewalk.

Every ethnic group imaginable was represented, and nobody felt scary...

...even the political activists dissing the Puritanical Undertaker, Supervisor Scott Weiner, who represents the neighborhood.

The whole afternoon was so unexpectedly charming that I managed to fall in love with San Francisco all over again.

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