Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cute Skateboarders on Harrison Street

On Sunday afternoon, the Dew Tour moved its four-day competition from Civic Center to a hill on Harrison Street next to the Bay Bridge.

Cargo containers, ramps, stairs, railings, flatbeds, and a Toyota with a ramp on its roof were strewn about over a four-block stretch...

...and 14 competitors came barreling down the street doing free-form tricks that were delightful and frightening in equal measure.

According to the San Francisco Examiner, "San Clemente’s Ryan Sheckler, 22, essentially won the skateboard streetstyle Dew Cup on his first run, posting a 90.25 score. No skater came close — not until Argentina’s Milton Martinez rolled the last run of the day. "I thought he had it, dude,” Sheckler said of Martinez, who scored 89.75. “I for sure thought he had it. I was like, ‘damn, congrats dude.’ ”

Milton Martinez is pictured above, cradling his skateboard which he broke in two after intentionally sailing off a cargo container about twenty feet down onto the street without falling. These guys were self-deprecating, filled with appreciation for each other, and genuinely awesome.

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