Thursday, May 24, 2012

Utah, Gateway to Sansome Street!

At the east end of the Montgomery Street underground BART and Muni station in San Francisco, an immersive ad campaign for the state of Utah and its natural wonders has been installed, and it's something of a psychedelic wonder.

Looking at the signage brought back memories of a hilarious 1984 guidebook to the state by Tim Kelly called Utah, Gateway to Nevada! The deadpan satire of the Mormon founded state even inspired a song of the same name by a band called Plague of Locusts (click here for the YouTube version).

Peter Huestis at Princess Sparkle Pony's Photo Blog also just posted a "Random Arizona Memory" with a nifty map detailing Mormon influence in that state, and how he managed to avoid being housed by Mormon families during his stint in a Tucson high school glee club that went on overnight field trips. As he explains:
"If you stayed with an LDS host family, you were treated to a non-stop festival of Mormonism, abounding with special "youth activities" which just happened to be scheduled while you were visiting. Meanwhile, the rest of us were attending totally fantastic teen keg parties. The ones I went to in Flagstaff, huge raucous bonfires in the woods, were the best parties I went to in high school."
Click here for the whole, hilarious thing, and do pray to your favorite deity that Mr. Romney doesn't become president.

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