Sunday, May 20, 2012

Asian Heritage

The once itinerant Asian Heritage Street Celebration, which used to appear in different neighborhoods around San Francisco, has seemingly found a permanent home in the lower Larkin Street district of the Civic Center called Little Saigon.

On Saturday, the fair was perfectly mellow, with enough attendance for good people watching but not too many people to induce claustrophobia.

Possibly the most charming aspect of the fair is that the racial and cultural aspect is amorphous, so that you have rock bands like Johnnie Hi-Fi playing with a totally mixed race trio...

...the public Tai Chi demonstration course was being led by an old white lady...

...and an herbal tea healing booth was being manned by the San Francisco Opera chorister above.

The "celebration" T-shirts were on sale for $10 so I bought one. If you are a non-Asian who has lived in San Francisco long enough and are not a complete racist, you are of "Asian Heritage," sheerly through osmosis.

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Nancy Ewart said...

I love this city. We are all Irish on St. Patrick's day and adopt whatever ethnic heritage we desire, depending on the festival, the food and well..whatever we want.