Thursday, May 10, 2012

I Snubbed Andy Warhol

"Why do they call this a sculpture garden when there is virtually no greenery or nature at all?" Patrick Vaz wanted to know when we visited the fifth floor of SFMOMA on Monday.

"And why does this Marsden Hartley painting of a lily not have any green in it?" he asked semi-indignantly when we sauntered through the second floor permanent collection.

Color came back into our lives in the 20th century Latin American room where there was a 1930 painting called Sleeping (The Family) by Orozco, my favorite among the great Mexican muralists.

Nearby was the lovely, epicene Composition from 1952 by Manuel Rodriguez Lozano.

Patrick had to return to work from his lunch hour so we sped through the galleries but were stopped short by a temporary wall telling us to go no further. While Patrick pondered the signage, Andy Warhol seemingly pondered him.


mw said...

Does this appearance in your blog qualify as Patrick's 15 minutes?

Civic Center said...

Dear mw: More like 15 seconds, since Patrick hates to have his picture taken and it took much pleading for him to approve this photo going online.