Friday, May 04, 2012

Big Gusher on Hayes and Polk

A geyser of water exploded near the northwest corner of Hayes and Polk Street at about 3:45 this afternoon.

The intersection quickly flooded and firemen were doing their best to figure out how to shut off the water pressure.

There was a parked or abandoned car in the middle of all the mayhem that the firemen were crawling around.

The spectacle drew an appreciative crowd, and we all politely applauded the firemen after they finally managed to shut the water valve.

Earlier I had seen an adorable collection of kids riding skateboards and Razor scooters on the Van Ness sidewalk, and their adult chaperone told me they were called The Skateboard Club. Luckily they managed to come by for the geyser show and they sat themselves down on the sidewalk to take it all in. They loved it.


sfwillie said...

Hi Mike, Lucky you, living so close to the news!

In looking up Ed Lee I saw he headed DPW a few years ago, then saw that:

"After completing law school, Lee worked as Managing Attorney for the San Francisco Asian Law Caucus where he was an advocate for affordable housing and the rights of immigrants and renters."

That's sort of like "poverty pimpng." No?

Civic Center said...

Dear Willie: Actually, Lee's time at the SF Asian Law Caucus was when he was sort of an admirable character, before becoming a completely corrupt apparatchik for the SF city government.