Thursday, May 03, 2012

May Day Scenes 2: Occupy Something

Around 3 in the afternoon on May Day, an Occupy Wall Street group walked up Van Ness Avenue.

Earlier, the group of about 500 hundred people had been creating street theater at Montgomery and Market in the Financial District at noon (click here for a nice photo from Axel).

The message seemed to be as amorphous as usual, though the main complaint about a grotesque, growing disparity in the distribution of wealth in this country is certainly valid.

This particular event seemed to be mostly about full employment with overtime for members of the San Francisco Police Department, who were marching along with the contingent in an absurd show of force.

For some intelligent thoughts on democracy and revolution on May Day, check out Jan Adams' take by clicking here, and for some great photos of a march in downtown Los Angeles, click here.

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janinsanfran said...

Interesting. By 4 pm the same group was wandering around down by the Embarcadero where I'm working these days.

It all seemed pretty innocuous, not like what happened in the Mission on Monday night when some set of idiots decided to break the windows of "boogie" small businesses.