Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Wedding Photographer

One of the surreal joys of walking through San Francisco's City Hall is that couples in wedding costume are usually posing decoratively in halls and stairways, often accompanied by a photographer.

This particular pose, however, probably wasn't the best idea, because the diminuitive groom suddenly looked like the bride's little boy.


Matty Boy said...

Hey, submissives deserve wedded bliss as much as the rest of us.

Or so I've heard.

Anonymous said...

Well at least the photographer seems to have a nice ass.

sfmike said...

Dear Josue: How lovely to have you back in our world, urine smell at the front door and cute asses on wedding photographers and all.

Dear matty: I really didn't put this up for you and your people, but I'm glad it qualifies on some level.

Rachel said...

You called it, he really does look like her little boy. I am creeped out.

Eric law said...

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