Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Turkish Janissary at The Opera

Mozart's "Abduction from the Seraglio" has opened at the San Francisco Opera, featuring an appearance by yours truly above as a Turkish Janissary supernumerary in the final minutes. Though I've never particularly cared for the opera itself, the music is growing on me in an alarming, earworm fashion.

From the accounts of friends, critics and people I trust who have seen it, the production is better than anyone expected. My favorite part is watching the 29-year-old German conductor Cornelius Meister (above), who looks to be about sixteen. His joy and skill in conducting Mozart's music is infectious and by the end of the run, it should be even better.

For the decidedly mixed reviews, click here for Janos Gereben's kind account, Kosman's "middling" judgment, and The Opera Tattler's description.


affinity said...

Congratulations, I hope you sound as fabulous as you look!

Civic Center said...

Dear affinity: Supernumeraries are "non-speaking actors." We're not allowed to make a sound onstage, and in my case that's a good thing. I can hear perfect pitch, oddly enough, but I can't even begin to sing it myself. God works in mysterious ways.

Markley Morris said...

A feather and a Fu Manchu moustache, that's what you've needed all along. Congrats.

Matthew Hubbard said...

So, that's where the beard went! Can't have a beard if you're a Janissary.

Also, Janissaries weren't allowed to marry, so a lot of loose talk swirls around to this day that they were... you know, that way.

An excellent casting choice on many different levels.

affinity said...

Well, quite the little education, thank you all!

Patrick J. Vaz said...

I concur, nice picture of you! I hope you get to keep the hat. (That's a joke, I know you don't).

I find that 18th century "Turkish" music pretty irresistible.

The Opera Tattler said...

Very dashing indeed!

I do love this particular opera, and I've been making it to every performance I can.