Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Tangobaby at Tedda Hughes

There is a "gallery boutique" on Polk Street between Sacramento and Clay Streets called Tedda Hughes...

...where they sell art and colorful clothes and god knows what else.

On Saturday evening, they were hosting an opening for a variety of artists, including fellow San Francisco photoblogger Tangobaby (below center).

Gazing at her in admiration were birthday boy Greg Dewar, on the right, who publishes The N-Judah Chronicles about that beleaguered Muni line, and Donald Kinney (left), who publishes "a photo a day" which is an extraordinary photo chronicle of Marin County and San Francisco. It was a treat seeing all of them in the flesh.


tangobaby said...

Thanks for coming to the show, and for the shout-out. Hope to see you again soon.

Kimo C said...

That looked fun - you should have called me!!