Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tuesday Rallies 1: Audit The Fed

During lunchtime on Tuesday, there were competing rallies in front of the Polk Street side of City Hall that had nothing much to do with each other.

On the plaza side of the street stood a group of mostly young white men...

...who were members of a group called Campaign for Liberty, which is part of a movement headed by former presidential candidate Ron Paul.

They were urging Congress to audit the Federal Reserve Bank in an attempt to see where the twelve trillion dollars have gone in the financial services bailout that seems to have mysteriously disappeared into the wallets of the gangsters who created the financial mess in the first place.

They had great T-shirts for sale, but I declined to buy one since Ron Paul and Libertarians in general tend to give me the creeps.

At a certain point, the large banner holders crossed the street to pose in front of City Hall, with former San Francisco mayoral candidate Starchild showing off his naked torso, possibly for Nancy Pelosi's benefit.

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