Monday, May 18, 2009

Bay to Breakers 4: Muni

At 36th Avenue, 12 blocks from the eponymous "Breakers" at ocean's edge, signage went up closing the race. It also directed latecomers to make their way to the corporate-sanctioned food court, beer garden and entertainment venue to the left or to "Cabs & Regular Muni Service" to the right.

As many people seemed to be exiting the "Footstock" venue as entering, which wasn't a good sign, and the fact that they weren't allowing any photography of any sort didn't help their popularity.

The San Francisco Police Department had a small lineup near the signage, and they were actually being quite polite and giving helpful directions to people while applying sunscreen to their faces.

Most people chose to go right to Fulton Street and finish walking their Bay to Breakers until they reached the Breakers.

Muni was ripping off the tourists with $7 special shuttles to downtown while also allowing regular 5-Fulton service for $1.50 to continue.

We walked four blocks past the special shuttle buses and caught a 5-Fulton for an amusing ride.

There was a young Latin couple from San Jose next to us who politely asked how to find the Caltrain station using this bus.

As they kissed, looked at digital photos of the morning, and preened in their prettiness, I heard the young man say, "That was the best day ever."


Beacongal said...

Wow! What an odyssey. I feel as if I ran the race. Thanks again for a wonderful photo essay that sweeps the passive reader off her chair and into the action (at least in her mind!).

Unknown said...

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