Monday, May 18, 2009

Bay to Breakers 3: Golden Gate Park

Golden Gate Park without auto traffic and tens of thousands of costumed young revelers was close to heaven Sunday morning.

There were couples wheeling each other...

...and marching down the street as a naked Viking and Cowgirl.

The other big topical theme was Mexican swine flu that involved borderline racist outfits.

Packages in front of packages also seemed to be a minor theme.

My favorite bit of street theatre was a group dressed as the Jamaican bobsled team who were being blocked by a group that would form into a cardboard Great Wall of China.

The boblsed group went through their prelaunch routine before slamming through the wall...

...and out through the other side.

Meanwhile, people were happily smooching.


Patrick J. Vaz said...

You may know this already and just not have mentioned it, but -- the "packages in front of packages" costumes are a tribute to the beloved Samberg/Timberlake SNL classic, "Dick in a Box."

Civic Center said...

Dear Patrick: That's news to me. No wonder there were so many of them.