Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Hawk of Lincoln Park

Before Canada allowed for gay marriages, I was coupled up in the 1980s with a Canadian from Calgary named Colin Logiss (above). After five years, the long-distance love affair became insupportable in more ways than one, and we proceeded to break each other's hearts, and then not speak for ten years.

Out of the blue there was a phone call from him on Thursday evening as he was in San Francisco for the weekend and had decided to swallow his pride. After a lunch at h. Brown's wild Burrito Salon, we played golf on Friday afternoon at the Lincoln Park Municipal Golf Course, which is to soon be given away to a "private non-profit entity" by the criminally mismanaged San Francisco Recreation and Park Department.

On the cart path between the first and second holes, the largest hawk I have ever seen swooped down between us about five feet away, and gave us both the eyeball for a couple of minutes before flying away directly towards my current Domestic Partner Tony who was taking the photos. The hawk told me, "Stay alert, all of you, but learn how to forgive. And while you're at it, make sure this place isn't given away to Sean Elsbernd and his cronies." I took both messages to heart.


Matty Boy said...

That's a very chatty and politically astute hawk.

sfmike said...

Dear matty boy: And a wise hawk too.

ChrisO said...

And the hawk also said, don't forget to see the big picture, as we birds do.

ChrisO said...

It's a red-tailed hawk