Monday, June 04, 2007

Mayoral Politics 1: The Progressive Convention

On Saturday morning at the beautiful new Tenderloin School on Van Ness and Golden Gate, a "Progressive Convention" convened to see about finding a candidate to run against the incumbent Gavin Newsom this fall.

Supervisor Chris Daly, along with his office staff and volunteers got the ball rolling, and they seemed to be doing most of the work.

Though there were workshops held in a couple of classrooms during the morning session, the event didn't seem to have much focus.

Still, it got people together talking...

...and the local media even showed up in force.

Supervisor Daly was giving interviews while being flanked by the legendary Frank Chu who can smell video cameras from a hundred yards away.

For a raucously funny account of the entire day's conference and drunken after-party, check out h. brown's piece at Fog City Journal with some great photos by Luke Thomas (click here).


Jerry Jarvis said...

I believe the convention was billed as a nominating convention not as a platform to announce candidacy,
and by the energized stomping and chanting of RUN ROSS RUN,by the majority of the people,I believe the convention did what it was billed as.And there for was a success.Now to get Ros to change his mind.

voiceofreason said...

Frankie's looking distended (all the free Buds at "his" club). The media obsession? Psychotic narcissism, look it up.

Power to the schizos! Ooh, so irreverent...never mind that they're actually suffering and need help instead of blogspace...