Monday, June 04, 2007

Mayoral Politics 3: Political Blue Balls

Back at the Progressive Convention on Golden Gate Avenue, Supervisor Mirkarimi was giving a speech in his traditional convoluted syntax, ending with a declaration that it "wasn't his time," and that he wouldn't be running for Mayor, which seemed to disappoint the crowd terribly.

A few of my favorite journalists showed up, including Rita Hao from SFist (click here for her version of the afternoon)...

...and the videoblogger Josh Wolf, who has just gotten out of federal prison and was looking great.

Finally, Supervisor Daly took the podium and announced that he wasn't going to be announcing a run for Mayor until he seriously talked it over with his wife this weekend. (The answer, announced Monday, is no, not with another baby on the way.)

Theresa Sparks, the newly elected President of the Police Commission, raised her arms from her sides, and said, "That's it? Nobody's going to run?"

As my friend Joe Lynn, attending as an observer put it, "This is the political equivalent of blue balls."

Maybe Theresa Sparks should run for Mayor. Though she's a transsexual, she's obviously got "balls" in the metaphorical sense, as her recent coup on the Police Commission demonstrated. The fact that she also inadvertently helped to get the very old guard fixer Louise Renne out of public office makes her my new heroine.

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