Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Seeding the Civic Center Lawn

The Mountain Dew extreme sports tour held this October in Civic Center Plaza ended up doing quite a bit more damage to the lawns than expected. Under the historically corrupt, incompetent leadership of SF Recreation & Park head Phil Ginsburg in conjunction with Emeryville developer Mark Buell, this should not come as a particular surprise.

Still, the patchy grass in front of City Hall has become something of a minor civic embarrassment, and the department cannot just put in artificial turf like the soccer fields in Golden Gate Park because too many people would start screaming.

Temporary fencing was finally being installed today while another seeding attempt to restore the lawns was taking place.

Though the Mountain Dew Tour is supposed to pay for all this, the finances of the Rec & Park Department are so opaque that it will probably be impossible to know if that is actually the case.


MattyJ said...

Wahhh. Let's never allow fun things to happen in this city again.

Civic Center said...

Dear MattyJ: If you follow the first link, you'll see that I wrote about the Dew Tour in my neighborhood with enjoyment and enthusiasm. However, the whole Rec & Park "this is going to bring revenue to our entire budget" line of propaganda struck me as bogus then, and even more bogus now. The money that was paid out for the use of the plaza for two weeks would hardly pay for one year's pension for Phil Ginsburg.