Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gay Resort DUI

Favorite sights in the desert town of Cathedral City include the street sign above next to the bougainvillea.

It spells out Gay Resort Drive, a street name both specific and bizarre.

Around the corner from Gay Resort Drive is a Mexican-American strip mall anchored by a liquor store on the first floor and DUI lawyers on the second, which makes for convenient one-stop shopping.


Abu Scooter said...

The only thing that could make this funnier is if the liquor store also had a DMV office next door.

That kind of silliness actually does almost exist in the Illinois city where I live. The same strip mall houses (among other businesses) the local Secretary of State facility, a liquor store and a lawyer's office. If that attorney handled DUI cases, the steering wheel of life would be complete (but he doesn't).

sfwillie said...

Also "Armed Robbery Defense."