Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Hoarders: The Street Person Edition

On the McAllister Street sidewalk between Franklin and Gough, a homeless man has constantly assembled, torn down, and reassembled a cluttered, makeshift home for himself during the last three months.

He spends hours each day redecorating and recomposing his accumulated trash, with the result that it is starting to resemble the Winchester Mystery House of sidewalk shelters. San Francisco Police, of course, could care less, probably because they are too busy shaking down marijuana smokers in the Haight.

This afternoon the McAllister Sidewalk Hoarder was upstaged by a young man sitting in a lawn chair in Civic Center Plaza surrounded by a huge stack of stuff.

He was peacefully sleeping as office workers, tourists, and farmers market shoppers walked by in stupefied amazement.

If the A&E television series, Hoarders, ever wants to branch out, the streets of San Francisco would seem a natural place to film. The young man even had a Bogie Board stuffed in the middle of this pile, ready for a quick ride in the Pacific Ocean.

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