Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pop-Up Meal, Museum and Mayor

The pop-up phenomenon is currently sprouting in a parking lot next to Patricia's Green in Hayes Valley, with a small space given over to the odd food truck parked under Eine's graffiti art...

...along with a strange looking ice cream vendor and an artisan coffee stand...

...next to a cargo container that houses the gift shop for the roving, pop-up Museum of Craft and Design.

The latter institution is in its third temporary location, after a storefront in the Castro followed by another one on Third Street near SFMOMA.

The Hayes Valley site seems to be their first outdoor location, and it opened this summer with a piece by the local artist Andy Vogt (above).

That piece has been succeeded by Fluxus, a latticed wood structure by architects Nataly Gattegno and Jason Kelly Johnson.

You can walk around the structure which is unexpectedly fun because the latticed woodwork is painted in bright oranges and reds.

On Saturday morning, a young docent was lecturing to a bored group of children...

...while the dude above manned the gift shop.

Also arriving in perfectly color coordinated orange was Andy Blue and a group of Avalos for Mayor supporters who were bopping around town on bicycles, with one of them towing a good sound system. They fit right in.

For more pictures of Everywhere for Avalos Day, click here for a gallery at Fog City Journal.


Axel Feldheim said...

I took a picture just like yours of the oculus of the Trilux last week! It is indeed fun to sit under. Next time I need to figure out how to get nice people to pose for me like you do.

Civic Center said...

Dear Axel: Those people aren't posing, they're just looking at me with bewilderment and surprise when I point my big-lensed camera at them. It's when you take photos of people with a phone camera or a tiny digital camera that people feel like they're being spied on for some reason. Plus, it helps not to be shy.