Sunday, October 30, 2011

Indian Summer at Patricia's Green

The monumental "Ecstasy" sculpture in the Hayes Valley park called Patricia's Green was taken away a week ago... the lady in the wheelchair was pointing out to her extremely sweet caregiver.

The small park didn't feel particularly bare, however, because the warm weather over the last couple of weeks seems to have brought the whole neighborhood out of doors.

Plus, the area is being inundated with young tourists flocking to the pop-up businesses near the park along Octavia, such as the newly opened Suppenkuche Biergarten above...

...which already has a line down the block to get in on a sunny afternoon...

...that almost stretches to the fancy Smitten ice cream stand fifty yards away.

If you're feeling poor, you can also buy your own ice cream and beer from a local corner grocery and happily sit on a bench watching the world go by.


janinsanfran said...

Isn't it amazing when affluent niche businesses take over places we've known for their character and decrepitude for many years? Living a block from Valencia Street, I marvel at this frequently.

Apparently there are people with the cash to sustain them. I guess that is something to be glad about. As a friend used to say during a previous bout of this, "at least yuppies have good taste." Sometimes.

Patrick J. Vaz said...

I went to Smitten ice cream for the first time this Saturday. It is delicious.