Saturday, October 29, 2011

Snowboarding at The Pioneer Statue

A snowboarding tournament was supposed to start at noon today in Civic Center...

...but they seemed to be having technical difficulties at about 12:30...

...possibly because the Seattle-based group putting on the exhibition wasn't expecting temperaturees in the high 70s.

A pair of emcees were keeping up an entertaining patter but lunch seemed more urgent than waiting around for the daredevils.

Update: An acquaintance, Beth K., happened by at about 1PM and said the snowboarders did finally appear and were gifted athletes who were a joy to watch.

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Axel Feldheim said...

Oh dear. I remember a similar stunt several years ago when some group, perhaps the same one, shoveled snow down the steepest 2 blocks of Fillmore Street in Pacific Heights for a snowboarding demonstration. To avoid drawing huge crowds to this residential neighborhood, they scheduled it for a weekday morning. I arranged to come into work late so I could watch, but it turned out that the incline was not enough long enough & steep enough for the performers to get truly airborne.