Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Support for The Tiger

Thank you to all those readers and friends who voted online for Tiger (above) in his recent foray as a television reality star on "Golf's Most Amazing Videos," a grotesquely cheesy show on the Golf Channel. Special thanks go to Matthew Hubbard in Oakland for urging his readers to join the madness. The eventual winner of the $5,000 grand prize was essentially the Bristol Palin of the four finalists, and probably stuffed the electronic ballot box, but it doesn't matter. Tiger is a true star, and above such petty concerns.

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Nancy Ewart said...

Oh darn - I was so hoping you (and Tiger) would win. I voted from several machines with several different accounts but it apparently wasn't enough. But you are right - Tiger is a true star and thanks for sharing his quality with us.
Oh - earlier this year you asked me about an update on the Asian's financial problems. I had to tread softly because a big name journalist got into the game and was claiming propriety rights to any and all info. She's a big name and I'm small stuff so I backed off (furiously and reluctantly I can assure you because the info that I found is almost exactly what she's reported). But as I said - big noise gets the wind. Anyway, I've posted a link to her report on my blog; she's recapped the whole thing with a bit of gratuitous finger wagging at the Asian thrown in for good measure.