Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Noir at The Castro

The weather has been too lovely and balmy this week for the 9th Noir City Film Festival at the Castro Theater, but this weekend has returned to wintry gloom which is perfect for these dark films. On the final Sunday tomorrow, the festival will be showing "Angel Face," a 1952 Preminger film starring Jean Simmons as a sexy and creepy LA heiress. According to the program notes, Jean-Luc Godard called this movie "one of the ten best ever made in Hollywood," and if it's good enough for Jean-Luc, it's good enough for me.

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namastenancy said...

I think that Angel Face is one of the best noir movies ever. Its also one of the few that I own, along with "Out of the Past" with an impossibly sultry Jane Greer and a very sexy Robert Mitchum. I remember when I first saw Angel face and it took a whole for me to catch on that the beautiful Jean Simmons was the villain of the piece.