Tuesday, January 04, 2011

The Mists of Oracle

Early this Tuesday morning I was walking to a temp job in the suburban industral park wilds of Redwood City and passed by the Oracle "campus." The entire Redwood Shores slough was experiencing a low-lying tule fog and the dawn light was manufactured by god.

Wednesday afternoon at 3PM, San Francisco City Hall will play host to an extravaganza celebrating Larry Ellison, the litigious CEO of Oracle, and his awarding of the America's Cup race to San Francisco in exchange for a lifetime's worth of free ownership rights on various sections of the waterfront.

According to John Upton at The Bay Citizen, "The public is welcome to attend, but organizers warn that seating will not be available and admission will be on a first-come, first-served basis."

Workers were putting up the outrageously elaborate staging in City Hall's rotunda today, which I noticed while leaving the Board of Supervisors meeting this evening. The Board was trying to pick an interim mayor for Gavin Newsom, who doesn't seem to want to leave San Francisco for Sacramento where he's supposed to be Lieutenant-Governor. The "moderates" pulled off a coup and drafted City Administrator Ed Lee for the job, but the "progressives" pleaded for a chance to at least talk to Lee before anointing him mayor. Their pleas were spurned, but they managed to squeak through a vote to reconsider the issue this Friday afternoon.

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