Monday, November 01, 2010

Watching The Giants Win the World Series in Civic Center

On a balmy late afternoon, a wonderful menagerie of Giants fans showed up for a communal viewing experience in Civic Center Plaza.

Unlike the overwhelmingly white crowds at both stadiums for this World Series, the crowd that gathered was about as diverse as it gets.

Even though there was supposed to be no alcohol allowed, people were drinking beers and smoking dope, and as far as I could see there were absolutely no problems.

Somebody sitting next to us had brought a great homemade advent sign, and with each Texas Ranger out, a different person from the crowd was invited to tear off one of the 27 numbers in the countdown.

Another incidental joy was joining the entire crowd booing Meg Whitman and the Bush family whenever they appeared on the screen, not to mention jeering at the stupid Fox announcers.

The game was full of the usual agonizing moments...

...but by the time Brian Wilson came out to pitch the last three outs in the ninth inning, the crowd in Civic Center Plaza was simply screaming and jumping up and down.

At the final strikeout, there was gleeful pandemonium. It felt fitting that the misfits and outcasts and stoners team that won the World Series for the San Francisco Giants did so in front of San Francisco fans who probably couldn't afford World Series tickets.


John Marcher said...

In a word- AWESOME!

momo said...

I watched it at home here in Minneapolis, wish I could have been there!!! On the news, there was a clip from Civic Center in which a little old lady dressed in black and orange was jumping up and down, adorable.

Matty Boy said...

Thanks for inviting me, Michael. This was a great evening's entertainment.

And even more good news. My hear loss has proven to be temporary.

sfmike said...

Received the following note via email:

Hi I'm Mary, the woman who's pictured with her daughter in your blog from tonight's wonderful game. Just for the record, I pulled the Advent-Strike calendar #9 and ate the paper. It was very satisfying! I think you captured the essence and spirit of the event beautifully. -M

Monica said...

Now that's what I'm talking about! Great blog post.