Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Buddhist Christmas Tree

The sycamores in Civic Center Plaza received their severe annual pruning this weekend for winter, even though the weather has been bizarrely warm lately.

The three-headed, six-armed Buddha sculpture by Shanghai artist Zhang Huan continues to dominate the plaza...

...although a "holiday tree" was installed on Monday at the end other end of the dirt square.

Though everyone official is going out of their way to identify both the sculpture and the tree as secular symbols, let's get serious. The Buddha now has its own Christmas tree, and why not?


momo said...

As I child, those knobby leafless trees really creeped me out. I didn't associate them with the leafy trees later in the year.

sfmike said...

Dear momo: The knobby leafless trees are also a major design feature of the "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" remake from the 1970s set in and around San Francisco's Civic Center. I share your disquiet, but they are fun to photograph.

Pura Vida said...

I am appreciating your nondual vision! Here is a poem when two other symbols met http://lifefeed.net/poetry/buddha_goddess.php
peace and love