Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Feeding Frenzy

After a couple of days of rain, the Central California coast has been supernaturally beautiful this week.

In Avila Beach, just past the Diablo Canyon nuclear reactor, a small beach was the hanging out grounds for scores of pelicans.

Let us be thankful for Rachel Carson and her 1960s warnings about DDT or they might not even exist right now.

Just past the beach is the old San Luis Pier, which was the major commercial port for the area until World War Two, when it became the major port for transferring oil.

That ugly, polluting industry is finally dead in this bay and the sealife near the pier these days is amazing.

There were a trio of sea lions playing king of the dock on a lower section...

...while dozens of seals were swimming frantically to and fro...

...competing with hundreds of pelicans... a Thanksgiving feeding frenzy with schools of bait fish.

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Immanuel Gilen said...

supernaturally beautiful, just what I needed to read. We had our first snow yesterday.

I'll be back even sooner now...