Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The Giants World Series Party

After watching the Giants clinch the World Series in Civic Center on Monday evening, I was looking forward to today's victory parade from the Financial District to Civic Center Plaza.

However, there were just too many people. It was as if the entire Bay Area took the day off and came into San Francisco. They couldn't have picked a prettier day or a more charming reason to celebrate, but for a borderline claustrophobic it was way too much, so I took a few snaps from the fifth floor of the Main Library, and then walked away up Polk Street.

Fellow refugees complained about the crappy sound system that rendered every speaker inaudible, and the layout of the stage made it impossible for more than a few people in the plaza to actually see the onstage Giants players.

A couple of blocks away at Polk and Eddy, Red Bull had somehow gotten a permit to stop traffic on a single block and blare hip-hop music for a crowd that was dancing in the streets.

A quartet of dancers were on top of a truck parked on Polk Street acting blissful and sexy, which is sort of how the entire city looked and felt today.


Monica said...

Too many people for our intrepid reporter? I can't believe. The pics are great, though. Congrats on a well-earned championship!

mw said...

Great pics. I think this is the third (or fourth) Civic Center event we've both covered on our respective blogs.

After drinking in the mob experience for a while, I also escaped up Polk to Shanghai Kelly's to watch the proceedings from the comfort of a bar stool and drink a couple of beers instead.

I fear we might run into each other at one of these events in the future and accidentally tear a rift in the blogospheric time-space continuum.

namastenancy said...

I HAVE run into Mike a few times at the same event; maybe that's why the world is so crazy. It's that tear in the "blogospheric time-space continuum." (Great phrase!) I saw the huge crowds headed toward the Civic Center so I just took a comfortable seat at my local coffee shop which conveniently had a huge TV screen. The place was full but mellow and we watched the event via various TV stations while sipping our lattes and reveling in the day.