Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Portrero Hill Festival 2: Politicking

The Michael Nava campaign for San Francisco Superior Court Judge joined the Potrero Hill Democratic Club booth at the festival on Saturday, joining a huge slew of candidates working the streets, such as Margaret Brodkin (below).

Brodkin is running for School Board in November, after being dismissed rather shabbily by Mayor Newsom from the Department of Children, Youth and Families last year.

Nava's campaign has picked up support from just about every group in San Francisco except for the Republican Party, the sitting judiciary who don't believe they should be forced to engage in elections at all, and the local dead-tree dailies. The latter have instructed their respective attack dogs, C.W. Nevius and Ken Garcia, to demean and belittle Nava in their opinion columns as often as possible.

The San Francisco Chronicle has also endorsed former BART board member Lynette Sweet for District 10 Supervisor, which encompasses the southeast waterfront from Potrero Hill to Bayview/Hunters Point. The endorsement is in spite of Ms. Sweet's well-documented ethical challenges, and is probably because she can be trusted to do whatever the old power structure of San Francisco wants her to do.

Though she has a campaign headquarters at the bottom of Potrero Hill, I didn't see Ms. Sweet at the festival, but did run into DeWitt Lacey (above), who has been endorsed by the San Francisco Democratic Party.

Steve Moss (not pictured), who has lately been demonized in the Bay Guardian weekly, was wandering around...

...while Community College Trustee and District 10 candidate Chris Jackson photogenically posed in front of appropriate signage.

I have no idea who you should vote for in District 10, and in fact am still ambivalent about my own District 6. Do vote for my friend Michael Nava for Superior Court judge, though. He will make a great jurist.


Matthew Hubbard said...

I agree with the young woman in the last picture about Mr. Nava and Prop. 19.

And she's cute.

janinsanfran said...

Glad to say I have already noted for Michael Nava.